Power Words Part V


Here’s a big TIP on using power words and writing copy in general:

Verbs and Nouns are many times more powerful than adjective and adverbs. Yes, adjectives and adverbs have there place, and are necessary, but you’ll get more impact from nouns and verbs. And a verb is the magic tool of copywriter’s magic tool. Take a look at this sentence:


“He was a extremely tall, blond man with a nasty, uncaring manner, whose wore a gray, pin-stripped suit with a red, perfectly hand-tied tie, and a beautiful, correctly folded white silk handkerchief which all glittered in the simmering candlelight as he expressed his heart-felt, deepest, genuiune regret over turning down my last chance, business deal because it was impossibly difficult for such a highly sought after, busy investor as he.”



The blond SOB shredded my dreams and slashed my hopes into little pieces like old mildewed sawdust.


Now here’s another sentence that steps up from simple to magical:


The people, wanting free Oklahoma land, lined up at the starting line. A few jumped ahead were known thereafter as Sooners.




“The claimants and the speculators mounted their horses and lined up like trotters waiting for a starting gun. The itchy ones jumped the gun and were ever after known as Sooners -- and Oklahoma was thereafter called the Sooner State.
- - - Alistair Cooke, " America," 1973


Last time I also promised to tell you more about how to use Copy-In-A-Box.


I'm going to keep my promise, and do this right now.


Known as the greatest gold mine of power selling words ever jammed into an easy-to-use software tool, Copy-In-A-Box contains over 1600 power words collected from the best copywriters of all times. And it's only the initial database. It's expandable, so you can add more power words, headlines and slang.


Each power selling word is assigned to a specific category. This enables you to view all words and phrases within each category, and quickly locate a list of appropriate power words to choose from.


Copy-In-A-Box is a database of selling words, headlines and slang. You can use it either as a standalone desktop application, or as a MS Word add-on.


The Word add-on is very useful if you're using Microsoft Word for your writing. This add-on enables you to access the entire Copy-In-A-Box database right from Word.


The desktop application also allows managing the Copy-In-A-Box database. You can add more power words and phrases, create your own categories, add more headlines and slang words.


Both, the desktop application and the MS Word plug-in, work the same way, featuring three sections: selling words, headlines and slang. After picking up a power word or a headline you just click button that says “Clipboard” and your selection is copied to the clipboard, so you can paste it in any other application. The Word add-on delivers additional convenience to Microsoft Word users because, instead of copying your selection to clipboard, it inserts the text automatically at the current cursor position.


Note: one thing you should remember is that the main idea behind Copy-In-A-Box is to give you inspiration. This software works as a swipe file of copywriting ideas. So you not necessarily have to copy the exact words and phrases. You can be inspired by them. Be creative!


The selling words section allows you to view and choose power words by category. If you're having a hard time choosing the right category, you can put the topics into “all” mode (it's the first in the list).


The headlines section presents a list of headline ideas (that you can choose from), and as an example for using that idea it shows both a fill-in-the-blanks headlines as well as a full example headline.


The slang section works as a dictionary of American slang. It presents a list of slang words, and their corresponding meanings.


Setting up Copy-In-A-Box is simple and fast. The program comes as a .zip file. All it takes to set up Copy-In-A-Box is just unzip the file and run setup. The rest of the installation process is intuitive and straightforward.


OK I hope it's been helpful.


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